THE BLEDLOW 100 CLUB RULES - 2017 Calendar Year (pdf version here)

Rules and Regulations

1. The name of the Club is THE BLEDLOW 100 CLUB. Its object is to raise funds for the Bledlow Village Church Choir. However, the Club is not part of the Church, affiliated to the Church, or sponsored by the Church in any way.

2. The Club will be run by the registered promoter (“Promoter”) or in his/her absence the deputy promoter. References in these rules to the Promoter include the deputy promoter when the Promoter is not available.

3. The Club is open to individuals, or syndicates made up of individuals, of 16 years and older. Membership becomes effective when an individual has completed and submitted a membership application form and paid the appropriate subscription to the Promoter. Membership is valid for the period from 1 January (or, if later, from the quarter the member becomes eligible to enter a draw) to 31 December in each year. Membership expires on 31 December unless renewed. In the case of syndicates, the syndicate will be referred to by the first named person in the syndicate and the Promoter will deal with that person alone in all matters related to the Club.

4. Members may have up to 5 numbers each. The subscription is £60 per member per number per year, which applicants must pay when they submit their membership application, or when they buy additional numbers if later. There is no reduction for late joiners. Each member will receive one number for each £60 paid for use in all draws after their admission to membership, or after they have bought additional numbers if later. The Promoter must receive the application and relevant payment before the first day of the quarter for the individual to be eligible for that quarter’s draw. The Promoter reserves the right to alter the amount of the subscription for future years.

5. The Club will have a maximum of 100 members. Once the Club has 100 members, new members may join only when existing members leave. The Promoter will keep a waiting list and will offer membership to the first eligible person on the list.

6. Each year on renewal, the Club will give priority to applications in the following order
(i) members from the previous year,
(ii) members in the order in which their names appear on the previous year's waiting list and
(iii) applications from new members in order of receipt of their applications and payment.
The Promoter's decision on all membership issues is final.

7. The Promoter will organise a quarterly draw to take place on the third Thursday of March, June, September and December unless the membership is notified, for a particular draw, that the draw will take place on another day. Three numbers will be drawn. The first drawn will receive one sixth, the second drawn will receive one third and the third drawn will receive one half of the prize money available for that quarter. Numbers are not replaced during the draw.

8. The quarterly prize will be one quarter of 40% of the aggregate subscriptions received by the Club for the year up to and including the month of the relevant draw. Prizes will be paid by cheque.

9. The paid up numbers of all members will be entered in the draw for each quarter. The Promoter will choose another person (whether a member or not) to make the three draws in the presence of the Promoter.

10. The Promoter will keep records of the name and address of each member, the number or numbers allocated to them and the subscriptions received from them.

11. Membership and membership numbers are not transferable.

12. The Promoter may at any time during a given year transfer to the Bledlow Village Church Choir all or any funds in excess of those necessary to pay for (i) all remaining prizes and (ii) the expenses of the Club for the remainder of that year.

13. The Promoter's decision on the interpretation of the rules shall, except in the case of manifest error, be final.

1st November 2016